The WORLD UNION OF OLYMPIC CITIES (WUOC) was co-founded by the cities of Athens and Lausanne and by former Athens Mayor and current Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Dimitris Avramopoulos and Lausanne Mayor Daniel Brélaz.  The WUOC is the official IOC endorsed organization that represents the 27 cities that have hosted the Olympic and Youth Games and this includes cities that won the bid to host future Olympic Games (London 2012, Sochi 2014, Rio de Janeiro 2016, and PyeongChang 2018) as well to host future Youth Olympic Games (Nanjing 2014).  The WUOC hosts the annual Lausanne Summits and seminars.  Previous Lausanne Summits were held in Lausanne (2008 and 2009), Beijing (2010), and Rio de Janeiro (2011).  The next Lausanne Summit will be held in Lausanne (October 2012).  The WUOC is headquartered in Lausanne (Switzerland), the Olympic Capital of the World.  Since 2008, Mayor Daniel Brélaz is the President of the WUOC.

The LONDON 2012 WUOC HOUSE™ will provide for the first time in the Olympic history, an exclusive venue for the 27 cities referred to above.  A venue for Olympic cities to showcase what they have accomplished since hosting the Olympic Games (Legacy), and for 17 days offer Olympic cities the opportunity to market their city to the Olympic family.  The London 2012 WUOC House™ will be a forum for the Olympic Cities and the Olympic family to meet and exchange best practices, and discuss leadership in sports, sports competitions in Olympic cities, youth and sports, legacy of Olympic cities as well as the venue to display Olympic art work celebrating the Olympic Games. 

The ATLANTA 1996, The Legacy Institution of the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Olympic Games
was co-founded in 2002 by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Dr. Marc-Daniel Gutekunst; the DITC was then a program of  Forging New Tomorrows (FNT), an Atlanta based international organization, whose Honorary Chair is Prince Albert II of Monaco.  In July 2012, FNT changed its name and became the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Foundation (ATL96 Foundation).  From 2002 to 2010, the ATLANTA 1996 operated in partnership with the DeKalb County Government, and served as DeKalb County's Sport Authority.  Since 2002, over 2000 athletes from 53 nations have trained and competed with the ATLANTA 1996.  ATLANTA 1996 athletes competed at both the Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.  Since 2009, the ATLANTA 1996 has represented the City of Atlanta at the WUOC, and in 2010, the WUOC mandated the ATLANTA 1996 to create and manage the London 2012 WUOC House™.  From 2002 to 2007 the ATLANTA 1996 was known as the DITC, then in 2007 upon becoming a USOC designated training center for USA Team Handball the DITC changed its name and became the ATLANTA DITC (Atlanta DeKalb International Training Center), and on July 1st, 2012 the ATLANTA DITC became the ATLANTA 1996 (Atlanta 1996 International Training Center).  Both the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Foundation, Inc. and ATLANTA 1996, Inc. are co-chaired by Ambassador Andrew Young, Co-Chairman (1991-1996) of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG), Atlanta Mayor (1982-1990), US Ambassador to the U.N. (1977-79), US Congressman (1973-1977)former Mayor of Atlanta and Co-Chair of the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG), and Dr. Marc-Daniel Gutekunst.