Third Olympic Games for the ATLANTA DITC since the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games

8 athletes who trained at the ATLANTA DITC from 2002-2008 competed at Beijing 2008

From the group of athletes who trained at the ATLANTA DITC and competed in Beijing 2008: one Olympic Gold medal at the triple jump, one 2nd position at the 200m (later DQ currently appealed) and a 4th position in the 100m for the same athlete

7 ATLANTA DITC Board Members, ATLANTA DITC Sports Director, ATLANTA DITC Artist-In-Residency attended the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 

August 6-27, 2008: The ATLANTA DITC had 2 permanent displays at the World Olympians Association (WOA) Olympians Reunion Center (ORC) at the Prince Jun Wang Fu Palace. The first display was in the park next to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Adidas stand and consisted of 4 banners (see pictures below): ATLANTA DITC, ATLANTA DeKalb International Prep Classic (DIPC), April 4, 2009 WALK for PEACE in Atlanta, and the future ATLANTA DITC Sports Complex. The second display in the 2 living rooms adjacent to the Prince Jun Palace conference room consisted of 8 original oil paintings by US Olympic Artist Steve R. ALLEN (see pictures below).

August 10, 2008: ATLANTA DITC participated at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Sport, Tourism & Development Forum

August 14, 2008: ATLANTA LEGACY NIGHT organized by the ATLANTA DITC

  *  Awarding the 6 ATLANTA DITC PARSE Prizes
  *  Awarding the ATLANTA DITC LEGACY Award
  *  Presenting the ATLANTA DITC Sports Complex
  *  Announcing that the 1st ever "WALK for PEACE" will be held in ATLANTA 
     on April 4, 2009, then take place in other cities around the world

August 26, 2008: ATLANTA DITC 3rd Olympic painting "A Bridge of Friendship from Atlanta to Beijing" officially given to the City of BEIJING and BOCOG

Started planning the ATLANTA LEGACY HOUSE for Vancouver 2010 and London 2012

The ATLANTA DITC Board of Directors expresses its deepest gratitude to the WORLD OLYMPIANS ASSOCIATION (WOA) President Mr. Dick FOSBURY and to the Director of the Beijing 2008 Olympians Reunion Center (ORC) Mr. Rob STULL for the honor of hosting the ATLANTA DITC at the Prince Jun Wang Fu Palace for the duration of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games (August 6-27, 2008).

We also wish to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Dick FOSBURY and the WOA Board Members: George ANDREADIS (GRE), Charmaine CROOKS (CAN), Amadou DIA BA (SEN), Anthony LEDGARD GRIMM (PER), Kieren PERKINS (AUS), and Daichi SUZUKI (JPN) for 5 years of conclusive and tangible partnership between the WOA and the ATLANTA DITC in support of OLYMPIANS and future OLYMPIANS!  We are looking forward to 4 more years of partnership.